Juno Calypso, Twin Peaks and honeymoon suites

By Liza G.

While looking at the Juno Calypso’s photographs, viewers have strong associations with Twin Peaks, 80’s and Stephen King’s classical horror stories. Her recent series The Honeymoon Suite almost comes straight from those movies. Indeed, for some people it might seem like a real horror story, as the artist went alone to explore a honeymoon suite across the Atlantic ocean.
But fortunately, that did not happen by accident. Calypso wanted to explore a room for new-weds in an old Pennsylvania hotel. The interior of the room got stuck in her head, and the only way to get it out was to actually go there. 

Juno spent her whole time taking pictures. In her interview to The Guardian she mentioned that the hotel was quite a wreck and hadn’t changed in decades. 

In her oeuvre Juno uses self-portraits and pose as her alter ego Joyce. She transforms through make-up and tries on different characters. Sounds familiar? If so, you must have herd about legendary Cindy Sherman, who has created a series of self-portraits in the 70s. Juno Calypso continues this tradition, but her specter of interests is a bit different. She explores the frustration and anxiety people get with self-perception and the standards of beauty, any kind of standards. To shift them, to see what’s inside - that’s the main purpose.  And quite often underneath all those wraps hides loneliness. 

In The Honeymoon series, this loneliness stands for something more. We see the woman transforming into some kind of creature, alien like woman. Yes, she is lonely, yet weirdly powerful and magnetizing. This inspired London-based artist to travel to some other places and explore honeymoon suites in different countries.

Such topics as marriage, social pressure connected with it, - these are some of the things Calypso is going to study through her world hotel tour.
For now her series is a great example of the artistic investigation and a treat for all Twin Peaks fans. Currently she has been participating in numerous exhibitions and photo contests, and we can’t wait for the sequel to her amazing series.

All images are taken from artist’s website 

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  • It was love at first sight for me with Calypso’s work. Yet my conscious mind never made the connection to Twin Peaks, though it seems obvious after reading it. She certainly shares in that great Lynchian quality of the unsettling mundane. No wonder I was instantly hooked.

    Erica Reichl on

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