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How Ancient Greek Culture Continues to Influence the Modern World

Thousands of years may have passed since ancient Greek civilization collapsed, but it continues to have an impact on the modern world. From its realistic depictions of the human body in various artworks, to its stylized architecture, their society –...

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Digital World of Our Future with This Fascinating 3-D Animation

There is no doubt that our world is changing in many ways. Internet and virtual reality has a tremendous influence on our day-to-day experience, as well as on other creative fields, such as art. Merging between digitally created vision with our usual objective environment is just a matter of time; in fact, this process has started long time ago. New devices, such as google glasses, are on their...

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Food, Death, Bond and Desserts: Henry Hargreaves Food Projects

Henry Hargreaves is a living proof that you can turn almost anything into a form of art, you just need some inspiration and desire to create. New Zealand based photographer started his career path not in the art industry, but in the food industry. He was amused with the connection between peoples choice of meal and their personalities, and that’s how he started his obsession with food-related...

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Hakan Arblom

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Blame It On The Weatherman

Blame It On The Weatherman

Mikey takes the old concept of collage, and revitalizes it with contemporary aesthetics and a dash of pop-art. The name of the collection refers to the main source of inspiration for its author. He goes through the tones of collective memories from public domain archives, trying to find right images for the future collages. That’s what makes them so surreal – the depiction of the history through the lenses of modern world and artist’s imagination.

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